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_/ Duration : 8min48sec
_/ Dimension : Multi // min 1920px X 1080px
_/ Ratio Multi-ratio (original 32:9)
_/ 30 fps
_/Stereo Sound



Wuthering Summits, a generative and immersive artwork, presents itself as an ode to the mountain, celebrating its fierce beauty and the rich texture of the landscapes it embodies. Drawing from a multitude of photographs of snow-covered alpine landscapes, an artificial intelligence gives birth to new horizons and shapes an alternative and imaginary reality. These visuals then fuel an autonomous system composed of millions of particles, providing both its unpredictable movement and color. Shadows and light slowly trace the rugged and sharp contours of the rocky peaks, evoking the dark and cold strength of these landscapes. The resulting work is the product of an audio-reactive & generative experience, offering a new perspective on the diversity of mountain slopes and its interpretation through the prism of new technologies. Following the inexorable march of time, the summits, silent witnesses to the urgency of climate change, oscillate between collapse and perpetual renewal. Accompanied by the wild breath of the wind, captured during a field recording session, and an original raw musical composition, this piece is an invitation to contemplate the indomitable beauty of these eternal summits.
Sound Composer : Valentin Fayaud
Field Recording : Paul Kusnierek
Presented by 36Degrés.

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