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_/ Duration : unlength
_/ Dimension : Multi // min 1920px X 108px
_/ Ratio Multi-ratio (original 16:9)
_/ 60 fps
_/Stereo Sound


_/ Meta-Haus, Paris, FRANCE .23


TIDAL ECHOES is a generative and immersive installation. This creation takes the form of an audio-reactive experience by merging two seemingly disparate elements: visual abstraction and the concrete reality of field recording.

Milkorva, influenced by a similar approach to that of the Impressionist painters, seeks to capture the very essence of the seaside landscape while providing a personal visual interpretation. Through the lens of new technologies, particularly the generative process, each visual element is the product of a complex algorithmic process designed in layers that stack upon one another. The fluid and ever-changing movements of this creation evoke the surges of the waves, creating a visual connection with the marine environment while remaining decidedly abstract. The iconic blue of the ocean dances on the digital canvas, transforming these organic textures over time.


The essence of Tidal Echoes lies in its approach to evoke mental images and transform the boundaries of visual representation. It is the result of a meticulous capture of natural sounds from the seashore, a process carried out in collaboration with sound engineer Paul Kusnierek during a field recording session. Each wave that washes ashore, every gust of wind, every burst of the sea becomes a piece of the sound puzzle that fuels this audio-reactive experience. Thus, the intensity of the visual movements, their strength, and velocity are closely linked to the multiple layers of sound produced by nature.


The artwork plays with our senses and our perception of reality, offering an elegant harmony where the figurative and the abstract complement each other rather than confront. Through mimetic effect, it manages to, despite its abstraction, evoke the ocean in the collective imagination through its movements, color, and accompanying concrete sound; creating the striking illusion of seeing the sea. Milkorva leverages the power of generative art in its ability to transcend perception and give rise to an alternative reality that celebrates the different strata of nature and invites us to rethink how we perceive the world around us.

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