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_/ Duration : unlength
_/ Dimension : Multi // min 1920px X 1080px
_/ Ratio Multi-ratio (original 16:9)
_/ 60 fps
_/Stereo Sound


_/ Sónar +D, Istanbul (TURKEY).24
_/ Intervals festival, Nizhny Novgorod (RUSSIA).24
_/ Moldovan Brands Runway, Chișinău (MOLDOVA).24
_/ Deep Art Fair // Gallery Strouk, Paris (FRANCE).24
_/ Meta-Haus, Paris, (FRANCE) .23


Tidal Echoes is a immersive installation that blends visual abstraction with real field recordings, aiming to capture the essence of the seaside landscape.
Inspired by Impressionist painters, Milkorva employs generative processes to create ever-evolving visuals reminiscent of ocean waves. Each visual element is meticulously crafted through complex algorithms, creating a fluid and dynamic representation of the marine environment. The installation's core lies in its ability to evoke mental imagery of the sea and redefine its visual boundaries.


In collaboration with sound engineer Paul Kusnierek, sounds captured during a seaside field recording session are integrated into the installation, giving rise to an audio-reactive experience. The intensity and movement of the visuals directly correlate with the layers of sound, creating a harmonious fusion of the figurative and the abstract. Despite its abstract nature, Tidal Echoes manages to evoke the ocean through color, movement, and accompanying sounds, offering viewers a striking illusion of witnessing the sea.


Through generative art, Milkorva challenges traditional perceptions of reality, inviting audiences to reconsider their understanding of the natural world. Celebrating the complexities of nature, Tidal Echoes offers an alternative perspective that transcends conventional boundaries, inviting viewers to explore new ways of perception and experiencing the world around us.

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