About me

Nicolas MICHEL (also known as Milkorva) is a French visual artist based in Paris. Holding a master's degree in Contemporary Art from Sorbonne (Paris), he has specialized in creating generative and immersive installations for several years. Influenced by the work of Philippe Parreno, whom he assisted for six years, his artistic approach primarily focuses on the potential of new technologies as a medium of creation, exploring their capacity to free art from its fixed and time-bound nature.

Constantly researching the connection between the abstract and the figurative and always in search of computerized synesthesia, the artist redefines the role of technology at the core of the production process. The computer dialogue becomes a creative generator that transcends the initial concept. Milkorva's work is not confined by time or exhibition space. Its continuous evolution offers the viewer the opportunity to engage in a distinctive, personal, and renewable experience.


_/ Boston Museum of Sciences (Wavesforms) .23 : Fusion Flow

_/ Nuit Blanche .23, Paris : VIDEOCLUB  / multiples artworks

_/ Light Night leeds. 23 : Liquid Fire

_/ Meta-Haus .23 : Tidal Echoes

_/ KINOMURAL .23 (Wroclaw) PL : Fusion FLOW

_/ NFT NYC Tezos .23, New-York (USA) : Artificial landscape's Flows

_/ EP7, Paris (FRANCE) .22 : Solo Exhibition "TSCN_TAKEOVER.EP7"

_/ New Media Art X Neo Shibuya TV, Tokyo (JAPAN) .22 : Percussive Displacement

_/ PSYCH.E, 36 Degrés & Galerie Charlot, Paris (FRANCE).23 : Fusion Flow

_/ Au delà des Pixels, Paris (FRANCE) .23 : Liquide Fire / Percussive Displacement / SLTTAS

_/ BLOCKCHAIN & NFT Week, Paris (FRANCE).23 : Fusion Flow

_/ Maison Yoko, Lyon (FRANCE).22 : Un Fragment de Supernova / Water

(A/V) Visual Performances 

_/ Planétarium de la Cité des Sciences, Paris (FRANCE)

_/ Patchlab Festival ed. 2022 (Krakow, POLAND)

_/ Dave Festival (Dresden GERMANY)

_/ Fotonica Festival (Roma, ITALY)

_/ B-Seite Festival (Mannheim GERMANY)

_/ Spektrum (Berlin - GERMANY)

_/ LPM FESTIVAL 2019 (Rome - ITALY)

_/ DEPO (Plzeň - CZ)

(non-exhaustive list)

_/ Biennale Nemo (Paris, FRANCE)

_/ Trabendo (Paris - FRANCE)

_/ L'Arche Villerupt

_/ Le Point Ephémère (Paris - FRANCE)

_/ CAC 2016 (Grenoble - FRANCE)

_/ Fêtes des Lumières 2017 (Lyon - FRANCE)

_/ Power Lunches (Londres - UK)

_/ Culture au Quai (Paris - FRANCE)

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