About me

I'm Nicolas MICHEL (aka Milkorva), a french Visual Artist and Live performer working and living in Paris.
I have a master's degree in Contemporary Art (Sorbonne, Paris).
I'm passionate about cinema and any alternative form of video. I create visual contents based on technologies, Data's scientist and algorithms researches with a 3D and generative approaches. I am intrigued by the close relationship that exists between human and machine during the production of a work of art.

I'm also Light-Designer working for varieties of clients and brands.
I'm open to freelance, collaborative projects and new opportunities.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me...


_/ Boston Museum of Sciences (Wavesforms) : Fusion Flow
_/ Nuit Blanche 2023, Paris : VIDEOCLUB 
_/ NFT NYC Tezos .23, New-York (USA) : Artificial landscape's Flows
_/ EP7, Paris (FRANCE) : Solo Exhibition "TSCN_TAKEOVER.EP7"
_/ New Media Art X Neo Shibuya TV, Tokyo (JAPAN) : Percussive Displacement
_/ PSYCH.E, 36 Degrés & Galerie Charlot, Paris (FRANCE) : Fusion Flow
_/ Au delà des Pixels, Paris (FRANCE) : Liquide Fire / Percussive Displacement / SLTTAS
_/ BLOCKCHAIN & NFT Week, Paris (FRANCE) : Fusion Flow
_/ Maison Yoko, Lyon (FRANCE) : Un Fragment de Supernova / Water
_/ KINOMURAL (Wroclaw) PL // TBA

(A/V) Visual Performances 

_/ Planétarium de la Cité des Sciences, Paris (FRANCE)

_/ Patchlab Festival ed. 2022 (Krakow, POLAND)

_/ Dave Festival (Dresden GERMANY)

_/ Fotonica Festival (Roma, ITALY)

_/ B-Seite Festival (Mannheim GERMANY)

_/ Spektrum (Berlin - GERMANY)

_/ LPM FESTIVAL 2019 (Rome - ITALY)

_/ DEPO (Plzeň - CZ)

(non-exhaustive list)

_/ Biennale Nemo (Paris, FRANCE)

_/ Trabendo (Paris - FRANCE)

_/ L'Arche Villerupt

_/ Le Point Ephémère (Paris - FRANCE)

_/ CAC 2016 (Grenoble - FRANCE)

_/ Fêtes des Lumières 2017 (Lyon - FRANCE)

_/ Power Lunches (Londres - UK)

_/ Culture au Quai (Paris - FRANCE)

error: Content is protected ! If you want some images, send me a mail at milkorva@gmail.com