Visual Art

Fire in the middle of the street

Fire in the middle of the street.N• 1 / N• 2 / N• 3 This series of 3 artworks is inspired by the civil protests that took place in 2020 all around the world.It features a story from three different angles. Each image brings its own representation of a time-stopping event;the souvenir of a specific...

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Dawn of Perestroïka

Dawn of Perestroïka.N• 1 / N• 2 / N• 3 This series of 3 works, inspired by the style and pictorial compositions of Edward Hooper and has as its central theme the end of the 1970s during the Cold War.Influenced by the collective imagination of the spy movies of this period,it stages the end of...

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Decades of consumerism

Decades of consumerism Chevrolet Corvette 1969 // Apple Macintosh II 1987// Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid 2020 (new edition) This series of portraits shows our relationship to the excessive consumption ofproducts and the overproduction of plastic while keeping a visual aesthetic close to advertising.Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop Additional software’s products...

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L’Age d’Or // « Orage Magnétique » Live-visuals

play_arrow Credits The performance brings the audience in a unique experience mixing ambient and electronic sounds, video projection and light programming. The confrontation, combination and opposition of the audio and the video are theproper singularities of the duo’s researches.Then, a hybrid performance around the different codifications and protocols of each art borns: found-footages, 3D, video...

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