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Is this not real ? // PERFORMANCE

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FEB. 2024

_/ Duration : 45min
_/ Dimension : Multi // min 1920px X 1080px
_/ Ratio Multi-ratio (original 16:9)
_/ 30fps-60fps
_/Stereo Sound


_/ Manifest:IO, Berlin, Feb 24, 2024.

Is this not real?

Imagine a performance where the digital and the organic converge, creating a landscape that's both eerily familiar and strikingly alien. This is what our first time collaboration aimed to bring to Manifest:IO in Alte Münze last month. "Is this not real ?" is a tapestry of AI-infused artistry, New Media savoir-faire and a deep dive into the nuances of versatile vocals, cassettes tapes and the musicality of Japanese language.

We thought this collaboration as a dialogue with the self and our current society, a reflection on where we stand in the rapidly evolving digital age, and a look into the complexities of cultural identity.

Extended gratitude for the curators of this event, Harshini Karunaratne and Basel Naouri, thank you for your drive and commitment to create discourse-driven tech-adventurous spaces like this one. Looking forward to your next adventures.

Generative audiovisual performance, made with @touchdesigner , @dotsimulate ’s StreamDiffusion, RNCM PRiSM’s SampleRNN.

Sponsors :
Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin
University of Europe for Applied Sciences
The NODE Institute

Photos and Videos :
Stefano Canavese & Yu Ling Cheng

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