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Media Artist / Live Performer / Light Designer

French visual artist and Live performer working and living in Paris.
I have a master’s degree in Contemporary Art (Sorbonne). I create 3D visual contents based on cultural icons and technologies researches with cinematographic and procedural approaches.

As a creator of NFT you can buy some of my artworks on Foundation and Rarible.

Dawn of Perestroïka.

N• 1  / N• 2 / N• 3 

This series of 3 works, inspired by the style and pictorial compositions of Edward Hooper and has as its central theme the end of the 1970s during the Cold War. Influenced by the collective imagination of the spy movies of this period, it stages the end of an encounter between two agents in the USSR, near the sculpture of Vera Mukhina.

Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

A New Hope.

N• 1  / N• 2 / N• 3 

This series depicts the lift-off of the Space X Heavy Rocket. Influenced by Perseverance’s successful landing on Mars, it celebrates the achievements of space exploration as a last hope for the human race.

Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

Decades of consumerism.

Chevrolet Corvette 1969 // Apple Macintosh II 1987// Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid 2020 (new edition)

This series of portraits shows our relationship to the excessive consumption of products and the overproduction of plastic while keeping a visual aesthetic close to advertising.

Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

Additional software’s products : Greyscale gorilla Area Light maps

Fire in the middle of the street

N• 1  / N• 2 / N• 3 

This series of 3 artworks is inspired by the civil protests that took place in 2020 all around the world. It features a story from three different angles. Each image brings its own representation of a time-stopping event; the souvenir of a specific moment. Often associated as a destructive element, fire becomes here the revelation of a country’s societal difficulties, a way to expose its dissatisfaction.

Softwares used : Embergen / Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

Procedural Landscape

N• 1  / N• 2 / N• 3 

This series of portraits is a procedural terrain study. Using a 2D noise generator, the computer interprets each black and white value and gives them a given position in 3D. The result is a computerized dreamlike landscape between lake and mountain. This association of metallic reflections and telluric ground gives rise to a singular environment, with figurative forms while being abstract from the landscapes we know.

Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

Tribute to Tristan’s Ascension by Bill Viola.

N• 1  / N• 2 / N• 3 

This series is a tribute to the original work of Bill Viola. This study of arrested movement depicts a frozen human action from three different angles. The man is represented as an astronaut lost in a limitless space. The propagation of water becomes the only spatial landmark in the image.

Softwares used :  Cinema4D / Octane Render / X-particles /Photoshop

Noise displacement studies 


This series reports the results of a study conducted on the displacement of noise in a four-dimensional environment. Each portrait created is a representation of a state of « noise ». The result is compositions frozen in time, as if stopped in motion.

Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

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