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Media Artist / Live Performer / Light Designer

I’m Nicolas MICHEL, a french visual artist and Live performer working and living in Paris.
I have a master’s degree in Contemporary Art (Sorbonne). I create 3D visual contents based on cultural icons and technologies researches with cinematographic and procedural approaches.
I am intrigued by the close relationship which exists between human and machine during the production of an artwork

As a creator of NFT you can buy some of my artworks on Foundation and Rarible.

A New Hope.

N• 1  / N• 2 / N• 3 

This series depicts the lift-off of the Space X Heavy Rocket. Influenced by Perseverance’s successful landing on Mars, it celebrates the achievements of space exploration as a last hope for the human race.

Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

Decades of consumerism.

Chevrolet Corvette 1969 // Apple Macintosh II 1987// Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid 2020 (new edition)

This series of portraits shows our relationship to the excessive consumption of products and the overproduction of plastic while keeping a visual aesthetic close to advertising.

Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

Additional software’s products : Greyscale gorilla Area Light maps

Fire in the middle of the street

N• 1  / N• 2 / N• 3 

This series of 3 artworks is inspired by the civil protests that took place in 2020 all around the world. It features a story from three different angles. Each image brings its own representation of a time-stopping event; the souvenir of a specific moment. Often associated as a destructive element, fire becomes here the revelation of a country’s societal difficulties, a way to expose its dissatisfaction.

Softwares used : Embergen / Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

Procedural Landscape

N• 1  / N• 2 / N• 3 

This series of portraits is a procedural terrain study. Using a 2D noise generator, the computer interprets each black and white value and gives them a given position in 3D. The result is a computerized dreamlike landscape between lake and mountain. This association of metallic reflections and telluric ground gives rise to a singular environment, with figurative forms while being abstract from the landscapes we know.

Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

Tribute to Tristan’s Ascension by Bill Viola.

N• 1  / N• 2 / N• 3 

This series is a tribute to the original work of Bill Viola. This study of arrested movement depicts a frozen human action from three different angles. The man is represented as an astronaut lost in a limitless space. The propagation of water becomes the only spatial landmark in the image.

Softwares used :  Cinema4D / Octane Render / X-particles /Photoshop

Noise displacement studies 


This series reports the results of a study conducted on the displacement of noise in a four-dimensional environment. Each portrait created is a representation of a state of “noise”. The result is compositions frozen in time, as if stopped in motion.

Softwares used : Cinema4D / Octane Render / Photoshop

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